Locpin’s mission is to be the global standard for sharing detailed personalised location information. We’re focused on ensuring efficient delivery of goods and services, helping save time, money, and stress for all involved with a simple but smart digital address. With Locpin, it is easy to share precisely where a particular place is, plus valuable information about what to do upon arrival.
Rob and Guy Davenport created Locpin out of necessity. They lived in a house that was beautifully remote, but impossibly hard to find. According to digital maps, the Davenport family home was simply a gate next to an empty green field. In fact, the postcode could have been anything up to a mile from the front door. This inaccuracy meant that most delivery drivers simply hadn’t a clue where they lived, and parcel upon parcel went undelivered with the Davenports becoming increasingly frustrated.

Rob can remember giving one delivery driver endless directions on the phone only to watch him from their house on the hill driving back and forth past the driveway and finally driving off in frustration – without delivering the package. Rob and Guy became convinced there must be an easier way to communicate precisely where they lived and how to find them, so the Davenports built a prototype in their back bedroom, and the idea for Locpin was born!

Guy Davenport

Co-founder, MD

Rob Davenport

Co-founder, Tech

Mark Dixon

Lead Developer!

Arindra Das

Product Designer

Kate Thomas

Project Delivery

Clive Beharrell


Andrew Starkey


Bryan Winch

Sales & Marketing