In April 2017, Locpin was chosen from over 70 applicants to take part in Belron’s startup accelerator program, Drive with Belron. During the 10-week programme Locpin completed a highly successful trial, demonstrating its value by rapidly improving customer experience and driving efficiencies for Belron’s vehicle glass repair and replacement business in the US, Safelite® Autoglass. Following the success of the trial Belron decided to not only invest in Locpin but to continue to work collaboratively to develop the solution through a global agreement.

The Challenge

Belron’s US business, Safelite® Autoglass, invited Locpin to trial their smart addressing solution in Ohio, to help tackle a problematic area of their process, accurately and efficiently locating the customer or their vehicle for repair.

For over 80% of appointments, a Safelite® technician travels to the customer and completes the repair at the customer’s location. Any time saved in finding the customer and their vehicle means more appointment promises are kept, difficult conversations with customers are avoided, and ultimately more customers can be served successfully.

The Locpin team had to develop a robust, scalable solution that could be quickly implemented and tested during the 10-week period.

Testing The Solution

During the programme the Locpin team visited the Safelite® Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and spent time understanding the pain points and challenges Safelite technicians were facing. Locpin was able to rapidly open communication channels with customers, to easily capture their precise location data and specific, personal preferences which was then be made available to the technician completing the work. By enabling this information sharing, technicians were better informed about the customer’s expectations and fully equipped to complete their jobs quickly and successfully.

The data captured included two essential elements that brought about better overall customer experience and operational efficiencies:

The Locpin team had to develop a robust, scalable solution that could be quickly implemented and tested during the 10-week period.

  • A precise customer and/or vehicle location, with GPS accuracy
  • Supporting instructions and preference details to help technicians complete each job, incorporating customer specific requests

“Locpin helps us accurately and effectively find our customers , and their vehicles, at first attempt.

We saw an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers when trialling Locpin; they were happy to engage and share information to help the technician locate them more easily.

Locpin makes life easier for our team out in the field, giving them all the information they need to help them provide a quick, efficient and fantastic service for our customers.”

Nick Burton
Belron Chief Information and Digital Officer

The Results

By the end of the trial Locpin had demonstrated their ability to effectively get to the root of the business challenge and work in a rapid, agile, and collaborative way to implement a solution that made a real impact for Belron. Over 1200 jobs were completed during the trial.

Both technicians and customers provided very positive feedback. Every Safelite® technician has experienced the frustration of searching for a vehicle or being unable to contact a customer for further instructions or guidance.

Following the trial, a customer satisfaction survey was conducted, and the results were overwhelmingly positive:

  • 90% of customers stated they liked being able to help their technician locate them
  • 92% of customers stated that Locpin was either Easy or Very Easy to use

Based on the value demonstrated, and the overwhelmingly positive response from Safelite® customers, Belron chose to invest in Locpin and to explore the potential value the solution can offer across its global organisation further by continuing to work with the Locpin team and it’s evolving technology.

What is Drive with Belron?

In its second year, , continues to fast-track disruptive young businesses looking for global expansion. As the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement service provider Belron is the worldwide leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement, trading under more than 10 major brands including Carglass®, Safelite® AutoGlass and Autoglass®. In addition, it manages vehicle glass and other insurance claims on behalf of insurance customers. Belron is also expanding its services to focus on solving problems for people who need assistance with repairs to their vehicles and homes.

Belron started the Drive initiative to engage with startups that could enable them to effectively improve their operations and better serve their 151 million customers worldwide. In turn, the startups are offered the opportunity to trial their products in a global organisation and receive hands-on mentoring from industry experts.